PX4, 4.5 Inch Arca-Swiss Type Double Dovetail Plate w Quick Release Adapter Port

PX4 Lens Plate
PX4 attached to Canon 70-200
PX4 shown on Canon 70-200mm

PX4 PX6 on Nikon and Canon SS2 Quick Release Strap Adapter

SS2 with Long Lens Plates PX4 PX6 PX8

PX4_PX6 Nikon Long LensLens Plate Chart

4.50 inch Machined Aluminum Lens Plate

NEW SIZE!! (Early October 2017)
Balance your lens with ease with the ProMediaGear #PX4, 4.50 inch Arca Compatible Lens Plate featuring the popular SS2 Quick Release Adapter Port!

Item Includes:
  • PX4 Lens Plate (Additional Sizes Available)
  • (2) 1/4-20 Mounting Screws (Optional 3/8-16 Screws Available)
  • Allen wrench set
  • Stop screws



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kevin Turner (Hillsboro, US)
PX4 and Sony FE600, Hard case

I always use PMG PX6 plates with the quick connect for their strap adapters and I recently got Sony FE600 lens. From 70-200 on up, I had used the PX6 because it makes a good carry handle as well. It works fine on the Sony FE600 but - the PX6 will not fit attached to the lens in the very nice Sony hard case without doing some mods which I didn't want to do the case. The PX4 works well instead and will also fit attached in the case. The picture I took with my phone shows the fit. The heads of the stop screw do fit snug and will likely make some rub marks over time but that is no concern. Love PMG stuff - have the 424L tripod, full-size Katana, Katana Jr, and both generations of the strap quick connect.

Excellent product

I bought this plate to convert my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 S lens foot to Arca-Swiss compatibility. It was simple to attach and is very secure. I'm also invested in PMG's SS2 Quick Release Adapter system, so this is adapted to SS2 as well. It also makes for a nice handle to carry. As expected from PMG, a high quality product and made in the USA.

Rick V (Boise, US)
PX4 lens plate

This plate works great on the Nikkor S 100-400/4.5-5.6 lens. Quality construction and PMG was a pleasure to deal with.

John Wright (Longmont, US)
Nicely made with great features.

Bought this mainly to use as a handle for an Olympus 100-400. Unfortunately, that lens does not have any replacement feet available (that I could find).

It is very nicely made; it has good machining and looks like it should last forever.
I really appreciate the adjustable anti-twist screws, but wish it had more locations up and down the plate.
I love having the QD socket, but wish it was closer to the middle (maybe have two slots for the mount point(s) on the plate, with the QD in the middle). The 6" model has this, but that seemed too long for this lens.
I wish the slot was narrower so that the screw wouldn't fall out of it so easily while I'm trying to tighten it onto the lens.

Bottom line: I will use PMG products again.

Steve D. (Fort Smith, US)
Great for the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8G VR II

Great fit for this Nikon lens. Easily fits so that perfect balance on the tripod head can be achieved when used with a Z7 II and the FTZ adapter. The same should be the case with most any DSLR. Plenty of adjustment range.