PX4 4.5-inch Arca-Swiss Camera Plate with QR Adapter Port



The ProMediaGear PX4 4.5-inch Arca-Swiss Double Dovetail plate is made of T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum that is lightweight and durable. It has adjustable safety stops for any telephoto lens.

The safety stops can be adjusted depending on the lest of the lens foot. It prevents the foot from twisting while attached to the plate. This ensures a secure connection between the plate and the lens.

This plate has a 1/4"-20 mounting screw. The screw slides in the slotted channel so you can balance it while mounted on your tripod head.

Moreover, the PX4 has two quick-release strap options. The SS2 Strap port works with the ProMediaGear system while the QD Strap Port is compatible with other brands.


Customer Reviews

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Kevin Turner (Hillsboro, US)
PX4 and Sony FE600, Hard case

I always use PMG PX6 plates with the quick connect for their strap adapters and I recently got Sony FE600 lens. From 70-200 on up, I had used the PX6 because it makes a good carry handle as well. It works fine on the Sony FE600 but - the PX6 will not fit attached to the lens in the very nice Sony hard case without doing some mods which I didn't want to do the case. The PX4 works well instead and will also fit attached in the case. The picture I took with my phone shows the fit. The heads of the stop screw do fit snug and will likely make some rub marks over time but that is no concern. Love PMG stuff - have the 424L tripod, full-size Katana, Katana Jr, and both generations of the strap quick connect.

Excellent product

I bought this plate to convert my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 S lens foot to Arca-Swiss compatibility. It was simple to attach and is very secure. I'm also invested in PMG's SS2 Quick Release Adapter system, so this is adapted to SS2 as well. It also makes for a nice handle to carry. As expected from PMG, a high quality product and made in the USA.

Ron S (Cleveland, US)
PX4 and the Nikon Z 180-600mm

Purchased the PX4 to use with my new Nikon Z 180-600mm lens while waiting for someone to make an arca Swiss replacement collar for the lens. The PX4 works great and is just the right size, I love that it has a QD QR port that I can connect my camera strap too and remove quickly when I want to mount the lens on a tripod.

Lara Janzen (Clackamas, US)
Promedia Plates

I am a professional photographer who photographs a variety of thing which requires different set ups and gear. The proMedia gear makes this so easy.
I have several pro media L brackets and plates - I love them all. They are well-made, durable and I can mix and match items to suit my needs. I highly recommend their gear!

Luke P (Sacramento, US)
Solid Plate at a reasonable price

I usually go for a replacement foot rather than adding on a plate but some lenses don't have one available that I like or simply don't have one available at all. Plus, I like having one around in case I need to borrow or rent a lens for a particular shoot. This plate is well made and it has the QD attachment point which is a must for me with how I carry my gear when working. The quality is as you would expect from ProMedia and it comes with the tools necessary to mount it if you don't have them already. Definitely recommended.