PBC5D3 Canon 5Ds 5DSR 5D Mark 3 Body Bracket Plate

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bernard gillette

Terrific accessory, clean and smart. only problem the complementary pen I received with my order does not have ink. go figure.

Perfect Fit

The biggest and best feature here is that perfect fit to the contour of your camera meaning zero torque rotation. In addition the plate is probably one of the most comfortable to hold bare handed as well with nice smooth edges all around. Genuinely a well designed product and part of a great "system".

Jennifer Smith

This bracket is great! Many times I wish my old l-bracket would separate into 2 pieces to lighten the weight of my camera. The promedia gear bracket is so easy to take off and put back on! Thanks for designing something so useful. I can now adapt my bracket for the situation!

Pastor, professor, photographer

I replaced the original generic plate with this one that is designed for my 5DMIII body. What a difference in stability! The custom curved edge snugs up perfectly, preventing the twisting that occurred with the other plate, no matter how much I tightened it. The one drawback of the custom plate is that I must remove my Black Rapid strap from the plate before using the plate to mount on my tripod. The location of both holes in this plate results in my BR screw getting in the way of securing the plate to the tripod. The other plate didn't require this.

Cliff Black

Not much to say about build quality, it is a CNC machined piece of aluminum block. It is WELL machined. Fits great and stays on my 5D Mk III most of the time. Flash bracket and vertical bracket attach quickly when needed. Also have one for my 7D.