PLCBGR10 Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Canon R5 and R6 with BG-R10 Battery Grip


ProMediaGear PLCBGR10 Overview

ProMediaGear PLCBGR10 Arca-Swiss L-Bracket Overview

The ProMediaGear PLCBGR10 Arca-Swiss L-Bracket fits the Canon R5 and R6 with the Canon BG-R10 battery grip. It is taller than regular L-brackets to accommodate the added height given by the vertical grip.

Like other ProMediaGear products, this L-bracket is made of T6061 aluminum making it lightweight and durable. The two-piece design is perfect too as you can free up the camera ports. The battery compartment is unobstructed too.

The Canon R5 and R6 have a fully articulating screen and the PLCBGR10 L-Bracket does not cover it. This means you can extend the screen thoroughly without the L-Bracket getting in the way.

This L-Bracket is Arca-compatible. Meaning, it works with any tripods, monopods, and other accessories with an Arca clamp.

Lastly, this product is proudly made in the USA. It comes with a 5-year warranty too so you can shop with confidence!

Full Specifications

  • Weight: 6oz
  • Dimensions: 3.75 x 1.5 x 3.25 inches

What's Included

  • L-Bracket
  • Removable Strap Loop
  • Allen wrench

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Ron Shearer (Bridgewater, US)
    Nice, one hitch though

    If you own the drop in flilter EF to RF adapter like I do then you have to decide which is more importnt to access, the drop in filter or the ports and jacks on the side of the camera. You can't do both at the same time when the bracket is attached to the camera. I adjusted the vertical piece so I had easy access to the drop in fliters. Currently I use those more. A small hindrance until I obtain some native RF lenses. Otherwise it seems and feels like a well made, fully adjustable, quality product. I am happy I bought it. It doesn't deserve a 5 star review though until I update my lenses.

    Ross Chevalier (Newmarket, CA)
    Highly recommended

    This is the only L plate that I found that did not get in the way of the side doors or opening the LCD fully. It's the only one that I would recommend

    Robert Molloy (Riverside, US)

    I had a Chinese brand of L bracket for my EOS R and thought it was pretty nice. It was nothing compared to this one for the R5. Well designed, fits perfectly and is incredibly solid. After receiving it, I immediately ordered the PLCR56 for when I don't feel like lugging the weight of the BG-R10. That they were made in USA is icing on the cake.

    Christian Tylko (Montreal, CA)
    Great Value and Quality for My Money

    Pleasantly surprised at the quality and superior versatility of ProMediaGear's L-Bracket. Having used brackets from the two other, long established, bracket manufacturers, I had some concern that being made of three pieces rather than one contiguous machined piece it wouldn't be as sturdy...NOT the case, it's just as sturdy. I was also thinking the vertical portion would stick out too much and get in the way of my left hand either holding the underside of a lens or zooming with shorter lenses; I was pleased to discover that you can re-position the vertical piece closer to the camera body. Since I don't do video and don't intend on using a remote with my R5, I moved it so it actually blocks the front ports and I still get plenty of room to swing the screen. Good stuff, great value for my money!

    RICHARD GRIFFIN (Saint Charles, US)
    R5 L bracket

    Great product from Pro media.