PLNMBN11 L-Bracket plate for Nikon Z6 Mark II and Z7 Mark II with MB-N11 Battery Grip Arca-Type

L-Bracket Plate Arca-Type for Nikon Z6 & Z7 with Battery Grip MB-N11L-Bracket Plate Arca-Type for Nikon Z6 & Z7 with Battery Grip MB-N11

L-Bracket Plate Arca-Type for Nikon Z6 II & Z7 II with Battery Grip MB-N11

ProMediaGear PLNMBN11 L-Bracket from ProMediagear L-Plate has been designed and optimized specifically for Nikon Z6 Mark II & Z7 Mark II with the Optional Battery Pack MB-N11

Please be sure to choose either SS2 or QD strap port, as future plates will be released with QD strap port to standardize Strap Connectivity.

L-Brackets or L-Plates allow for fast changes between portrait and landscape orientations, without the need of tripod head readjustment and re-composition. You simply release the bracket from your tripod head, flip it 90 degrees mounting it back into the tripod head. Compatible with Arca-Swiss type standards from all major manufacturers.

Benefits or mounting on vertical side facilitates a more stable platform than tilting 90 degrees as the camera mounts directly over center of tripod apex.

The L-Bracket has been machined from solid Aluminum T6061 block and black anodized for scratch resistant finish. The main feature of this L-Bracket is its two piece design; the vertical piece of the L-Bracket can be extended or removed, this allows for the use of just the base plate if desired. Custom Fitting the L-Bracket to Canon 1Dx body ensures that the L-plate rests directly on the camera eliminating any play or twisting.

  • Two piece design; Extendable Vertical Plate allows for easy tethering (with built-in cold shoe)
  • Easy Access to Cable Ports
  • Compatible with A10 snag protector
  • 1/4"-20 Threads on Vertical And bottom side for accessories (cold shoes, holsters, straps)
  • Two safety stops for each vertical and horizontal surface
  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss style tripods, mono-pods etc.
  • Slide out mechanism with hardened steel rods allow extending of the vertical plate for ease of use with cables or finding center point of the image
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • Anodized T6061 Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Built-in Magnetic Allen Wrench Holder
  • Detachable Strap Loop
  • Integrated SS2 or QD port for Shoulder Straps
  • Made in USA
  • 5-year Warranty

What's Included:

  • L-Bracket
  • Allen wrench
  • #PASL1 Strap Loop

Additional Information

  • 30-day money back guarantee with free shipping in the United States. Buy it today, if you don't like it simply contact us and we'll refund all charges and even pay for return shipping

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
HERBERT (Washington, US)
I Really Wanted To Give 5 Stars!

OK, I really wanted to give this product a 5 star review, however, due to the poor customer service/inventory/engineering/communications issues, ProMediaGear will have to settle for 4 stars. I had watched a few videos on this product and was really sold by the versatility and the ability to use the L-Bracket as a second handle/support for hand held operation of my Nikon Z6 II with MB-N11 battery grip.

Let us start with the initial communication. After looking at the big 2 NYC camera equipment firms and their out of stock/more on the way condition (as was also the case with the MB-N11 for several weeks) I decided to ask PromediaGear, through their Contact page on their web site, if the PLNMBN11 L-Bracket was, in fact, in stock. I ordered it, from PromediaGear, anyway assuming I’d have to wait just as long as the big 2 in NYC. I received an email notification, after I placed my order, stating that this L-Bracket was in fact in stock and available. It arrived in short order and I attached it to my camera with the MB-N11. Note that I was really impressed with the quality and finish of this L-Bracket. I then, with the 24-70mm kit lens installed, attached a “Magpul MS4” (rifle strap) to the QD mounting hole and checked the set up. I noticed an off center condition of the L-Bracket to the MB-N11. Tightening the ¼” camera mounting screw did not improve this so I disassembled the set up and saw that it needed some sort of a stud to stop the rotation of the L-Bracket to MB-N11. I also noted that there are two threaded holes on the L-Bracket beneath where the holes in the MB-N11 are located. I had remembered reading something in the product reviews about an anti-rotation stud/pin/dowel (Note! Jargon, phrase and/or semantics should not apply when it is clear as to what the issue/function is and I stated the issue/function when contacting ProMediaGear on both occasions). The correct phrase is “Anti-Rotation Pin” and this was not pictured in the manual/pamphlet included with the L-Bracket (with a picture of a Nikon D850 on the cover page). So I fired off an email about the missing stud(s) and received a quick reply including a picture pointing two the “anti-rotation pin” (this was a stud/pin standing proud of the L-Bracket). I said yes that was the “anti-rotation pin” I sought. I quickly received a small bag of 4 round headed screws, the kind used as the stops on the base of the L-Bracket and most Arca style mounting plates to keep them from sliding of a tripod mount during adjustment (“Safety Stop Screws”). These however were not the Anti-Rotation pin I saw in ProMediaGear’s photograph (which I could no longer find(?)). Assuming ProMediaGear’s engineers are far smarter then I am and they feel that this is the correct approach to the anti-rotation of this L-Bracket on my MB-N11, I installed one and it slightly marred the base of the MB-N11. So I installed two and it was better at anti rotation, not rock solid and left a 1mm+ gap between the MB-N11 and the L-Bracket, hence, not good. So I got on the phone explained the issue and in short order received a small bag with “(4) A14 Anti-Rotation Pins”. Installed these and the gap was there as well as a loose feel to the set up also realizing that this gap would eventually become a gouge in the bottom of the MB-N11’s holes.

At this point I decided to machine my own “anti-rotation pins”. I could not locate any stainless or nickel steel 3/16” bar stock locally and was forced to purchased plain steel, I felt aluminum was too brittle and brass too soft, possibly bronze(?). After machining I used degreaser to clean the pins and gun blue to slow corrosion then coated them with a dry lubricant for further protection.

Machining went as follows: The 3/16” inch bar stock came in 48” lengths so I hack sawed off a 6” piece and, with a 1” HF (Central Machine) belt sander fitted with a 120 grit belt I thinned the 3/16” bar in the middle for both the smaller diameter pin as well as getting close to the #4 bolt size for threading. I found this to be uneven and anything shorter than a 6” piece gets too hot to handle. I chucked this into my small Craftsmen drill press and, with a file, evened it a bit then smoothed it with increasingly finer sand paper until I was close to the #4 bolt size. The sanding left, without any effort on my part, a bevel that nicely fits the countersink on the L-Bracket (at least for the smaller pin; the hole size in the MB-N11 is 0.157” [5/32”] or 3.99mm, thread depth is 4.45mm, slightly less for the pin depth). The larger of the pins was close enough to the 3/16” bar stock and only needed the threaded end brought close to the #4 bolt size for threading. Using a HF 60 piece Tap & Die set I determined that the thread pitch was 4-40 using a “Safety Stop Screw” as a guide and proceeded to cut the threads for both with a 4-40 die and thread cutting lubricant.

Charles Uibel (Salt Lake City, US)
So far so good

Seems like it's a great bracket, and will work well with a Quick Release strap from the rifle store.
I don't know why the vertical side, with its openings for the different ports is not aligned with the ports, but I'm not the engineer here. I'm not even a photographer.

Hi Charles,

Thank you for the 5 star review! We appreciate it.
It's not aligned to allow easy access to side ports of the camera, battery door, and perfect for those who do videos.

Thank you,
Noel | PMG Customer Service

Hicmar Falcon (El Paso, US)
L bracket for my Nikon Z5 with mb n10 grip

Work perfectly is more better because come with cool shoe

Gentry Valley

Just as all the products from PMG, this extremely well made and fits perfectly. I even find myself using it as an alternate handle. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it does not have a set of threads at the bottom of the side opening to mount an A10 Cable Port Snag Protector. There is one at the top but also one at the bottom would be beneficial for many of the lower ports along the Z7ii, and I would guess many other bodies.

James Grove

I found this bracket after a post on, I live in the UK and decided to 0place the order online on the Thursday morning, and it promptly arrived early the following week by UPS. What great service, thank you. The grip is ideally suited for those that have and use the MB-N11 grip, without the contoured upright you would have no access to the battery compartment and sockets on the left of the camera, this wa something that frustrated me with my previous L-Bracket which I had to remove and refit each time. No issue with this grip, the side part does sit slightly further forward, but having used it a great deal outdoors over the last week or so, it actually makes holding the camera a great deal easier, especially if you have gloves on. It is superbly machined, absolutely no movement when its in use, the addition of a strap port underneath is a real bonus, along with the included strap slip bracket. There ate plenty of other options on the bracket as it has a number of machines ports for additional items, the inclusion of the flash bracket and stopper on the arm is great for those that use mics for any other item that fits a hotshot. Removing and refitting lens is easy as the upright is hollow, so no problem with that. While it did mean paying VAT and Duty (35 Pounds) as I imported it, it is still very good value, given how expensive the camera is, paying a small amount for a quality bracket is a no-brainer, you really cannot go wrong with this for anyone with a Z6 II or Z7 II with the MB-N11 grip, just buy it, you won't regret it.