PX8 8-inch Arca-Type Double Dovetail Plate with SS2 Quick Release Adapter Port

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Customer Reviews

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Michael M. (Gaithersburg, US)
Great for big optics!

The quality of the dovetail plate is obvious right from the beginning. This helped me balance a large spotting scope on my tripod without needing a gimbal head (saving up for one of those in the future). The ability to mount cameras or accessories at both ends of the 8" plate is also a great feature that I expect to use in the future.

Lefty (Palm Beach Gardens, US)
A Lifesaver

Use this 8" plate to help balance a heavy lens. Gives me extra length so that my left hand is able to get out near the business end of the telephoto lens to help balance it. The 8" plate lets me balance this lens easily. Plate is of high quality aluminum. I did modify my setup somewhat so that I could put 2 attachments into the modified lens foot. One screw was the one that came with the plate and I drilled out a spot on the slit so that I could put a very heavy duty bolt from the plate to the lens foot. I found that due to heavy weight of the lens that the screw that came with the plate was not enough to stop the lens/plate from swiveling. But adding a 1/4" bolt through the slit in the plate to the lens foot gave much better support and stopped the plate/ lens combo from twisting.

Jérémie R. (Rodez, FR)
Unsurprisingly, just flawless !

Perfect, nothing to complain about. Solid, quality, like all the equipment designed by PMG, I chose it with the QD version. Does its job well, I recommend.

seunghee Jung (Incheon, KR)
Thoughtfully designed Plate.

The reason why I like ProMediaGear products is that not only the highest quality but also the design is beautiful.
The PX8 Double Dovetail Plate is extremely rugged and thoughtfully designed.
I attached a double-sided clamp to this plate and am using it for telephoto lense and panorama.

David Neal

The quality of these machined parts is as good as it gets, no question.