PXC1 6 Inch Arca-Swiss Type Nodal Rail with Integrated Clamp


Arca-swiss type Nodal SLide
Arca-swiss type Nodal SLide Arca-swiss type Nodal SLide Arca-swiss type Nodal SLide Arca-swiss type Nodal SLide

PXC1 - Nodal Slide Plate with Arca-Swiss Type Dovetail and Integrated Clamp

Item Includes:
  • Plate with integrated Arca-Type clamp (knob type)


  • 6inch Multi Plate accepts Arca-Style Clamps on top and bottom
  • Mountable to Ball Heads or Gimbal Heads (anything with Arca-Style clamp)
  • Integrated Arca-Type Knob Clamp
  • Use to attach cameras to Gimbal Heads or to Find Nodal Point for Panoramas
  • 3.5 inch long dovetail (not including the clamp)
  • 6 inch total length
  • Compatible with: Arca-Swiss compatible clamps
  • Basic Micro Slider to help focus
  • T6061 Aluminum, CNC Machined
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Reinaldo Luis Andujar (Annapolis, US)
Exactly What I Needed

I found that I could not use the Sigma 100-400 mm F mount lens on gimbal tripod heads. This was due to the lens design that made it impossible to fit under normal circumstances. It could not clear the tripod head or gimbal head. The design with the integrated Arca-Type clamp (knob type) allowed the camera/lens combination to clear the gimbal head without any problems. I can now mount the lens on the camera without any difficulty at all. This is what I was looking for.

Simon Henson

Essential addition to the GKJr. Katana Junior Telephoto Lens Gimbal Head, allowing the use of other lenses and camera bodies. Beautifully designed and crafted.

John Baxter
PXC1 Nodal Rail

PXC1 is Perfect, light and easy on the hand, used to balance the nose-heavy glass of 4 lenses. Can also function, of course a a nodal slide for panos. Rail should be offered, encouraged to be purchased, with any ball head due to the unstable equilibrium of the design (versus a floppier-over-free gimbal).