SH1BK Single Camera Belt Holster System for DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras

$149.95 USD

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  • Quick draw holster system
  • Multi-position anchor
  • Hands-free way to carry your camera
  • Secure locking settings
  • Hardened steel ball
  • PAH1 adapter included
  • Made in the USA


The PMG SH1BK Quick Draw Holster System conveniently carries your camera. The Camera Holster allows you to comfortably and securely carry your camera while keeping your hands free. 

The sturdy SH1 Mechanism Mount has 2 settings. Setting 1, Slide-Lock (recommended as it locks the camera in the pocket), allows you to place the camera in the mount and it will not allow you to remove it without flipping the release lever.

The second setting, Slide-Open, disengages the locking mechanism and sets the camera in the mount loose and allows the camera to be pulled out at any instant.

The spherical ball, machined out of hardened steel, features a 1/4-20 male thread and flat top compatible with 5/32in Allen Key to easily mount it. The sphere can be mounted in a number of creative ways with the included PAH1 plate adapter.

What's Included

• (1) Padded ProMediaGear Belt with Buckle. (27 ~ 49 inch / 69 ~ 125 cm of adjustments)
• (1) SH1 Strap Holster Locking Mechanism
• (1) SH1B Strap Holster Sphere
• (1) PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate
• (1) PAH1 Bracket Plate Adapter
• (1) Hardware Kit

Full Specifications

• Manufactured in the USA. (Belt and Pad made in China)
• 5 Year Warranty on Hardware and Mechanism
• 1 Year Warranty on Belt and Pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
W.P. (Douglasville, US)
Needs better lock

I purchased the holster and belt combination for a trip to Europe. The camera sits firmly in the V slot of the holster. The latch appears to engage properly however will not stay engaged if you’re slightly overweight and hang over your belt at all. As result, my camera came out of the holster and hit the floor. The latch needs a better lock system which cannot be overcome by your body habitus. My Nikon Z lens is currently being repaired. I would suggest a double locking system which can be used by some and ignored by others. Having your camera fall while on a trip of a lifetime is no fun. I did use the belt and holster system after this incident but insured that I had a camera strap around my neck while my camera was holstered. I cannot recommend this system until they get a more secure locking mechanism. Once that is achieved, I believe the system will be excellent.

Josef Schmee (Schenectady, US)
Well balanced camera carry

The belt and the carrier are so well-balanced that neither is very noticeable when you walk to your next shot. The simple system allows the camera to be removed quickly and securely, no fiddling necessary. The camera is suspended from a single attachment to the baseplate. It moves with you as you walk forward or backward, down or up. Highly recommended. Worth the money. The separate belt does not drag down your pants. Perfect accessory.

Single Camera Holster Belt Works Great

For some photo outings it is more efficient to carry two cameras, one with a wide angle lens and one with a long telephoto lens. That way you are not stopping to take off a backpack and manually swap lenses repeatedly. It also helps keep grit and weather out of the camera body. The Promediagear holster does a perfect job of providing very quick access to a second camera hanging off your hips on a large belt that distributes the weight. There is a locking device to keep the camera from coming off the substantial metal clip, which you can choose to use or just leave unlocked if you prefer. A trigger like release easily locks and unlocks the mechanism. A pad comes with the belt to keep the camera body from rubbing against your upper leg. I just used the holster for a 2 hour photo walk and was very pleased with how well it worked. A large plastic belt buckle with a secondary locking device kept the holster firmly in place until I was ready to remove it.

Timothy Ferron
Excellent Purchase

Love this belt and holster excellent quality.

Art Kidwell

This holster system with latch is great. It is secure and easy to move around with and I have no fears that my camera will come loose and fall. It is a great buy and since this purchase, I bought and equiped each of my cameras with a ball stud adapter so I can easily switch cameras and attach them to the holster when I'm out. Thanks for designing such a great piece of equipment. So much better than having a camera strap around my neck or over my shoulder.