TR01 Mini Ground Tripod with Friction Arm and Arca-Style Clamp


Key Features

  • Friction Articulating Arm - 7 inches long
  • C40 Arca-Swiss Clamp
  • Cube Connector
  • Load capacity: 5 lbs per leg

TR01 Mini Ground Tripod with Friction Arm and Arca-Style Clamp Overview

The ProMediaGear TR01 Mini Ground Tripod is an extremely lightweight compact tabletop tripod for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. It is also perfect for accessories such as LED lights, microphones or even webcams.

The TR01 tabletop tripod is great for low-angle photography. It even has an Arca-Swiss C40 Clamp making it perfect for any camera.

You need to watch out for its load capacity though. It only has a load capacity of 5 lbs per leg. It may carry heavier setups. But to be on the safe side, limit it to lightweight cameras.

The TR01 only has one knob. This knob locks all three joints and the hex base that connects the friction arm to the tripod.

Item Includes:
  • Mini Tripod
  • Friction Articulating Arm 7" Inches Long (one knob lock all 3 joints)
  • Cube Connector (connects the Arm to the Tripod Base)
  • C40 Arca-Type Clamp (camera plate not included)
  • Two hook-n-loop velcro-like straps 6-inch and 12-inch for attaching to posts etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fred Schwab (Clackamas, US)
Handy little tripod!

The TR01 mini tripod with friction arm is a very useful piece of gear. Tucks into my pack with minimal space and now resides there full time. It's surprisingly stable and will support my gripped D850 with most of my lenses. I use it primarily for low angle shots. It's quicker to setup than my primary tripod. I mainly use it with a small ball head from another manufacturer, which I'm hoping to replace with a PMG head (assuming they come out with a smaller one. A BH25 head would be great... hint hint, PMG). The friction arm just adds to the versatility. The C40 clamp is a welcome addition, rock solid like the C60's on my BH1 and BH50 heads, yet smaller. The Velcro straps are useful for attaching it to branches, fence posts or whatever else is handy. It got a lot of use on a recent trip to Costa Rica, where I couldn't carry much gear in my pack. Thanks again, PMG, for another great product!

william lax

You never have to be concerned with quality. Everything PMG makes is quality and this is no different. Pay attention to max supported weight and try different arm configurations to support and balance your rig. It's well worth the money.

Jay Miller
Aviation Photographer

I do a lot of low-angle photography of aircraft for clients. I have at least a half-dozen mini-tripods and other silmilar gear for this kind of work. When shooting in cockpit, I had long needed something with a little more flexibility than a small ball head. When I saw this in a ProMedia ad, I immediately bought it. As I expected, it is well built, very versatile, and most importantly, capable of holding a lot of weight. So far, no complaints and would recommend to anyone, particularly nature photographers, for anything requiring long exposures and low-angle positioning.

Walt's Photography

I am very interested in low angle photographic images. Landscape and macro, and ultra Wide low angle photography. I purchased this to be ultimately used with a Nikon 19mm PCE lens.. I have just received this item and will write a complete review in the near future. Thank you pro media gear for excellent products and service.

Edward Bohan
wildlife photographer

The Mini Tripod is machined to the typical high quality and beautiful finish of all ProMedia products. The friction arm takes a bit of getting used to, but works well and offers tremendous flexibility. I plan to use it primarily to mount an off camera flash. Currently it is deployed for more pedestrian use to hold an iPhone while working from home. As with my prior purchases from ProMedia Gear, this arrived promptly and well packed.