TR344 Carbon Fiber Tripod | 4 sections 59 inches height


Key Features

  • Max load capacity: 60 lbs
  • Folded length: 20.8 inches
  • Max height: 59 inches
  • Minimum height: 3.8 inches
  • Leg sections: 4
  • Weight: 4 lbs (head excluded)
  • Carbon fiber legs - 10 layers with 1/4 turn twist locks
  • Rubber feet with built-in spikes
  • Removable top plate with bubble level
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum apex (black, red)
  • Three 1/4-20 accessory threads included
  • Six anti-twist pin slots

Pro-Stix 34 Sizing Chart

ProMediaGear TR344 Carbon Fiber Tripod Overview

The ProMediaGear TR344 Carbon Fiber Tripod is a heavy-duty professional tripod. It supports cameras and huge lenses up to 60 lbs. This tripod has 4 sections and can fold to 20.8-inches. It has a maximum height of 59 inches with all legs extended. Moreover, it can go very low at 3.8 inches. 

ProMediaGear created the tripod legs with 10 layers of carbon fiber. Obviously, the result is a lightweight tripod that can withstand any condition. For this reason, it can be used in the snow, desert, or even while raining. As a travel tripod, it only weighs 4 lbs or 1815 grams. This carbon fiber travel tripod is perfect for travel photography.

Another neat feature is the modular apex. The included apex has a flat plate with a standard tripod screw mount. However, take it off and it can be transitioned through several accessories. For example, the ProMediaGear TRB3475 75mm leveling bowl is just one compatible accessory. Attach it to this tripod and you have sturdy support that is easy to level and align.

The standard tripod mount is compatible with the majority of ball heads, video heads, and accessories in the market. Each side of the apex includes a 1/4-20 threaded adapter port for more accessories. Also, one port even comes with a large bubble level.

Again, the carbon fiber legs have three adjustable locking angle positions. The twist locks are easy to use and work smoothly all throughout. In addition, the three positions allow the tripod to go very low to the ground. At 3.8 inches, it is easy to take worms' eye view shots and other angles.

Lastly, this tripod is compatible with any location. The rubber feet work well indoors. Meanwhile, the built-in spikes are perfect for outdoor shooting.

ProMediaGear manufactures its products in Tinley Park, Illinois. The products are made in the USA by photographers for photographers. Rest assured that the products are tested and created by seasoned photographers. Besides, ProMediaGear offers a 5-year warranty on its products. Now that speaks a lot about its quality.

Full Specifications

• Leg Sections: 4 (34mm top leg diameter, 34mm-30mm-26mm-22mm)
• Leg Material: 10x Layer Carbon Fiber
• CNC Machined Apex: T6061 Aluminum
• Mount: 3/8-16 (Flat Center Disk)
• Mount Diameter: 2.70 in.
• Max Height: 59.30 in. / 150 cm
• Min Height: 3.80 in. / 9.70 cm
• Folded Length: 20.80 in. / 53 cm
• Weight: 4.00 lbs / 1815g
• 3 Locking Leg Angle Positions
• 3 Stainless Steel Spikes ($75 value included)
• Max Load Capacity: 60 lbs. Leg Wrap Sizing
TR344 - Top Leg Length = 12 inches
LegCoat Wrap 310

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kolitha de Silva (Denver, US)
Very stable and high quality tripod

I like doing long exposures and panoramas, and I wanted a tripod that provides a stable platform and reduces vibrations, and this does. It's extremely well built, easy to deploy, and very sturdy, and definitely worth the money I spend & highly recommended.

Ryan Brown

Great legs! This tripod is the best in the business no doubt.

Rob C.
Great Tripod

So I began looking for a stronger but light tripod for some of my gear. I had actually never heard of Pro Media Gear until I began my searching. I bounced back and forth between a couple different brands and finally decided on the PMG TR344. The tripod is lighter than I thought it would be and very sturdy. I am still getting used to not having the center column like on my smaller tripods. The height is great for me at 5'11". Coupled with The BH1 I am very pleased that I chose this tripod and head. I think I will end up getting the half ball leveling head for it also.

Travel Photographer

Now that I've had some hands on time with this tripod I can say the function and future needs of this tripod are anything you could ask for. It's very smooth when slightly turning the adjustment collars what seems to be a quarter turn to release. These collars made on aluminum have a great feel to them and your grip is very secure when turning. I'm 6' and this size fits me perfectly. The multi positions it allows has fit and exceeded my needs. The legs offer either a solid non slip foot or a spike which changes easily.I have not had the opportunity to try the head mount accessory. I'm totally impressed with the high quality and the smooth function of this tripod. My only regret is I didn't buy this 3 years sooner. I'm using the Sony A7RIII with the Sony 200-600mm lens and find this works perfectly.I highly recommend Pro Media Gear.

Tom Wardrup

My pre-purchase research found these legs the best on the market in this size category. And after a month of use, I have not been dissappointed. These legs are strong, stable, light and rigid and beautifully made. I love the machined all-aluminum knucles, the reversible spike feet and the appearance of the 10 layer carbon. I finally have my tripod for life I think.