TR34C Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Center Column | 34 Series Tripods

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  • Max load capacity: 40 lbs
  • Integrated hook
  • Travel distance of 15 inches
  • Rapid Column with Twist Lock Collar
  • Carbon Fiber Construction - 10 layers
  • T6061 CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Head mount thread size: 3/8"-16
  • Anti-Rotation Channel for added safety
  • Made in the USA

The ProMediaGear TR34C Carbon Fiber Center Column converts any ProMediaGear 34 Series Carbon Fiber regular tripod into a center column variant. This center column allows you to have more height compared to a regular flat top tripod.

ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods have a modular apex that allows for these kinds of attachments. 

The TR34C has a max load capacity of 40 lbs and a travel distance of 15 inches. The load limit is great for any type of setup. The twist lock collar holds the center column in place.

Moreover, there is an anti-rotation channel to prevent the center column from moving while adjusting the camera.

Like other tripod tops, it has a standard 3/8"-16 thread. This means you may attach ball heads, gimbal heads, and other accessories that use a standard tripod mount.

Lastly, the integrated hook allows you to add weights to keep the tripod more stable. This feature is helpful when shooting in areas with strong winds that may topple your setup.

Full Specifications
  • Material: 10x Layer Carbon Fiber
  • CNC Precision Machined: T6061 Aluminum
  • Mount: 3/8-16 (Flat Center Disk)
  • Mount Diameter: 2.70 in.
  • Travel: 15 in. / 38.1 cm
  • Tube Diameter: 34mm
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 40 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard Stillman (Loveland, US)
Almost perfect

This is a very well made piece, and I'd buy it again without hesitation. I use the center column primarily when shooting people, because it allows me to quickly raise and lower my camera without sacrificing stability. I swap out the center column for a TRBU75 Half Ball Tripod Leveling Head when shooting landscapes and architecture. I also own a TR344, monopop, leveling base, BH 1, and GKJr. Katana. I've been shooting for a living for 40 year and now teach as well. PMG is always my go-to gear, and no, they didn't pay me for my endorsement.

Alan Woods
Handy accessory for 34 series tripod

A center column adds to the versatility of systematic tripods, including the PMG 34 Series. The TR34c is light stiff, and nicely made. The collar locks via a wing nut which is large enough for the hand to tighten or loosen. When hand tight, the column is secure. Requires using 8 allen bolts to attach TR34C to the modular apex -- a not-so-quick process. When scope oe camera is being used by multiple people, the easy height adjustment via a center column is welcom.

John G.
Highly recommended

I recently bought this center column for my TR344L. I am very pleased at how solidly the column locks down! It’s extremely rigid and strong, very easy to adjust, and features the same exquisite machining as all PMG products. A nice touch are the negative spaces in the base that screws into the apex, saving weight without sacrificing stability. I don’t intend to always use the center column, but it’s nice to have expanded my tripod’s range of use. Would love to see PMG develop a leveling base for use with the center column. Great product!????

Alan Woods

A center column can be useful and add flexibility to a systematic tripod. I use the PMG TR34C center column when I mount a spotting scope to my 34 series tripod. The center column makes it easy to share a single scope among a group of people. For bird photography, I replace the center column with a PMG TRBU75 a half ball leveling head and gimbal head. The TR34C center column is well made featuring a good, quick acting, and convenient locking collar, an anti-rotation channel, and a hook at the bottom for ballast. The hook is drilled to accommodate a carbiner so weight can be quickly added or removed. The center column attaches to the modular apex of PMG 34 series tripods in the same way as the TRB3475 75mm Bowl Adapter, namely via 6 Allen bolts. The new TR34C center column is a nice addition to the accessories available for the PMG 34 series systematic tripod. I'm glad that I own it.

Simon Phillips
A great new edition

I got this a few weeks ago before the official release and I’ve used it a lot for my photography, it gives me greater flexibility when setting up and recomposing for my next shot without having to adjust all 3 legs like before. I have found it to be strong enough to support my large camera my Hasselblad H4D with the big 50-110mm lens on it and it doesn’t budge or wobble that much even when extended to the full length of the center column like some lesser tripods. They say this is rated for around 10kg when I put 26kg onto it before it started to slip but that’s doing up the clap tight, afterwards there was no damage to the tripod and everything works fine. If I want to get low to the ground I just flip the center column and use it upside down which is cool. I’m giving it a 4 star rating as it needs a little bit of work but if I could give it 4.5 stars I would as the build is second to none like all the stuff they make!