TR34M Carbon Fiber Monopod | 63-inches Height

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Elenbaas (Palmetto, US)

Lovely monopod. Well made as I expected! I use it with a 600mm and a 400mm with a Tomahawk connected to the lens. It is very solid with no sag or creep even with the weight of the 600mm mirrorless. A very nice pad is connected to the monopod and a very comfortable strap along with it. Made in the USA—what could be better! Thanks ProMediaGear!

Tony Politi (Selma, US)

Way nicer than the Manfroto I was using.

Michael Anderson

This thing is so short and light compared to what I'd been using all these years. I'm trying to cut back on size and weight for travel and the TR34M is exactly what I was hoping for!

Light, very strong, wonderfully made!

Excellent build quality, very strong- nice attention to details - how the top plate can screw in and unscrew the reversible attachment thread. Also the aluminum tensioners/grips, unlike rubber, will last for decades. The additional lens coat hand grip feels very nice and the inside is a very grippy soft surface that does not slip on the carbon fiber.

Johnathan Randolph Peal

I have enjoyed this monopod I use it more than my 424L tripod for my Canon 600mm f/4 version II Lens attached to a 7d MK II and a Wimberley Gimbal when hiking. The only drawback I've found is that the rubber foot has apparently came loose while hiking and is now gone. I had an Oben monopod that I replaced because it's foot literally fell apart and now I have an issue with the foot on the promedia gear monopod within a month of purchasing it 8/14/2020. I'm assuming the replacement is part A34. I'm not sure if this monopod has this issue or why it would come loose on it's own. The rubber replacement foot is not inexpensive.