TR423 Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod | 3 sections 58 inches height

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Gary Howard (Phoenix, US)

One word…Exceptional! This tripod is by far the best I’ve ever owned and I have a few. Sturdy, bullet proof and it’s incredible design make it the last tripod you’ll ever need. The added attachment features are handy and the spikes located in the rubber feet are the best idea I’ve seen yet and they are included! For me and what I do and the abuse I sometimes put my gear through this will be my go to for years to come.

Don Matthews

A BEAUTIFUL tripod. Exceptionally solid, and light weight. Very easy to work with and fun just to look at!!

L. J. (Aberdeen, US)
The Last Tripod You Will Buy

It was difficult to justify spending $1000 on a tripod. I already had 4 other tripods of varying degrees of weight, compactness etc. Still, all of them came up short on some level. Too heavy, too small, too cumbersome. A chance meeting with a fellow photographer that owned a large Gitzo convinced me that perhaps I should, once and for all, find the right tripod and I that is exactly what I did. After doing some research, I decided on ProMediaGear and could not be any happier! The quality is outstanding and the improvement in my photography was instantaneous! The additional sharpness in my photos was unbelievable. I was hoping I would see some improvement but this went well beyond "some." It was very noticeable. Now, to qualify this statement, you should know that my other tripods were not cheap so this isn't a matter of going from a Volkswagen to a BMW. Instead, I would say this is the difference between a BMW and SpaceX. American made, super high quality, improved's the ultimate trifecta!

Ben Dover (Elkins Park, US)
Excellent, solid, well built

I had been looking for a Crux Ordnance tripod for a rifle platform. I was directed to PMG and they’re the same thing.
This thing looks like it can take a beating. I’m very happy.

John G.

I was about to order another Really Right Stuff TVC43 after my original was stolen. I'd had my RRS (along with an ArcaSwiss C1 head, also taken) for over five years, and loved the combination. But given the length of time since I last purchased this equipment, I thought it was prudent to reconduct the research, much like I had done when I bought the RRS & the Cube. Boy am I glad I did. After about a week of research, I stuck with the SwissArca Cube. I was tempted by the C1's sister model, the D4, but ultimately decided I was familiar with the C1 and absolutely loved its functionality and ergonomics. As researched, ProMediaGear's products caught my attention. At first, the company's biggest and most ambitious tripod series, the "42" series, seemed superficially similar to RRS's "43" series. But the more I looked, the more the subtle and nuanced difference revealed themselves. The ProMediaGear's top plate is more robust and elegant, is far more mechanically beautiful, and includes a method for changing the plate for cinema or other style heads that is much easier and ergonomically elegant compared with the RRS. The reversible spiked foot is a feature unavailable on the RRS. The aluminum twist locks on the PMG are higher quality and more robust than the rubber and plastic units on the RRS. These are some the many details that ultimately caused me to switch my tripod loyalties. After receiving the tripod, more differences revealed themselves. Put generally, as nicely made as the RRS is, the PorMediaGear takes build quality to a noticeably higher level. Kudos to the engineers and designers at ProMediaGeaf for designing what I think is the best large carbon tripod on the market today.