VS24 PMG-DUO 24 Inch Video Slider + Carrying Case

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Canon Explorer of Light

I am so excited to have found this slider/Motor control made by the good folks at ProMediaGear. I have used most of the motion control units that are made and this is by far the most easy to use for either still images, video or time lapse. The motor can be stored on the track or separated in the accompanying carrying case. With just a couple of connections, this slider is ready to use in minutes. It could not be any easier to program. the final part of this awesome product is the remarkable price. You need to add this to your toolbox for capturing motion!

Richard Cook

First class to use and very well engineered.

J Kleinman
VS24 PMG-DUO 24 Inch Video Slider

The slider works well with DSLR cameras. The user needs some time to adjust the setting in order to get the best slide effect without any jerks. If the user plans to get a tripod, they will need to test it with the slider. Do not go and purchase a tripod before receiving the slider. Overall it has helped to produce good quality shots and stability.