VSL1 Slider Flip Support Articulating Legs and Tripod Mount

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What's needed to make it work:

  • Tripod with Ball head (preferably) capable of supporting 20 pounds
  • Monopods capable of supporting 10 pounds each
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  • Supports slider with 20 pound load, but that depends on your tripod/ tripod head and monopod combo
  • Monopod side is indexed, and also friction knob provides locking
  • Flips 360 degrees
  • Made out of T6061 Aluminum
  • Dimensions
  • Weight

These adapters are specifically made to provide easier and faster slider setup, and also allow you to flip it over from straight track to curved one or vice versa.

The kit should include:

Tripod mount with Arca-Swiss base (at least one side), the tripod is important because it provides stability in all mount axis.
Monopod mount flip device for the other side, to provide support against slider rocking in and out.
Also included are VSCL slider clamps (required to use)

What's Included
  • Tripod Mount with Arca-Swiss style base
  • Monopod Mount for Two monopods

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