VSM3 Linear Motion Motor Control for PMG-DUO Sliders

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  • Bluetooth Motion Controller with Android and Apple IOS apps
  • Loop Mode
  • Video Mode
  • Time-Lapse Mode (Intervalometer)
  • 2-Axis controller (panning Mode planned for 2024)
  • Standard Ethernet Cables, Extend to 20ft (6m) or more if needed
  • New VCM3 Wheel Carriage with Center Mounted Drive included
  • 10-hour run time on 10,000 mAh Battery Bank (not included)
  • for AC Power use Power Cube with at least 2amps

The ProMediaGear VSM3 Intelligent Bluetooth Linear Motor Controller transforms your regular ProMediaGear DUO Slider into a motorized workhorse. 

This motor controller required a new VCM3 carriage (modified VC3 type carriage).   If you'd like to convert your carriage to a Motorized carriage click here:

There is only one cable connecting the motor to the controller, through which the controller sends signals and power.   This prevents any tangles or problems with the wires.

Moreover, the motor mounts directly on the carriage. This allows for a quick transition from the straight slider to the curved one.

There are three main features for this slider motor controller - time-lapse, loop, and, video.

Time-lapse mode

The controller has a time-lapse function where you can set the interval time delay from 1 second to 300 seconds. It can also be set to the distance to travel from .02mm to 999cm.

This motor controller includes a sync cable port to trigger the camera. 

However, you must make sure that the shutter release time is less than the time you have selected for the time delay. Or else, the shots will end up blurry.

There are modern cameras that do not require a trigger sync cable. However, you may need to insert the 2.5mm cable into the controller if necessary. As the slider makes its interval move, the camera shutter will be triggered.

Loop Mode

Another feature that the controller has is the Loop Mode.

To program, the Loop mode enter the video settings and make sure to select Loop so that the slider travels continuously. 

What's Included
  • Bluetooth Motion Controller by Black Forest Motion
  • Carriage with Motor
  • Cat 5e Network Cable 
  • USB Power Cable (USB 2.0 to 12V plug 5.5mm/2.1mm)
  • Pouch

Customer Reviews

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Dave Stanton (Longview, US)
Nice but...

I do not own this unit so this is not a review as much as my thoughts upon seeing this for the first time. It looks like a good unit but in this day and age of dozens of sliders and motors, this one seems noisy, especially if you want to use it during an interview. The actual duo slider seems very cool.

Dave S.
DP, Encore Multimedia
Longview, Texas