VSMDC1 Motor Control for PMG-DUO Sliders

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Key Features

  • Time-Lapse Mode (Intervalometer)
  • Loop Mode
  • Video Mode
  • Large 1/4-20" Bolt-through motor mount
  • Removable Mini XLR Controller Cable
  • Magic Arm for Controller
  • Compatible with ProMediaGear Duo Slider with VC2 Wheel Carriage
  • Two anti-rotation guide pins
  • Operates on 3 AA Batteries
  • 3-5 hours run time 
  • Optional AC Power Supply available

ProMediaGear VSMDC1 Motor Control for DUO Slider Overview

The ProMediaGear VSMDC1 Motor Controller transforms your regular ProMediaGear DUO VC2 Slider with 3 Wheels into a motorized workhorse. 

This motor controller bolts directly into the carriage body. The two anti-rotation pins prevent it from moving while in motion.

The friction wheel motor runs on the outside of the track without any bands or cablers. This prevents any tangles or problems with the wires.

Moreover, the motor mounts directly on the carriage. This allows for a quick transition from the straight slider to the curved one.

There are three main features for this slider motor controller - time-lapse, loop, and, video.

Time-lapse mode

The controller has a time-lapse function where you can set the interval time delay from 1 second to 300 seconds. It can also be set to the distance to travel from .02mm to 999cm.

This motor controller includes a sync cable port to trigger the camera. 

However, you must make sure that the shutter release time is less than the time you have selected for the time delay. Or else, the shots will end up blurry.

To set the function, you use the left mode dial knob around counterclockwise. Then the screen will start to show the IntervalJMP, and Settings. 

You have to turn the dial counterclockwise to set the interval time.

The distance to travel can be set with the right knob. You may select the unit to either move left or right after the interval time.

There are modern cameras that do not require a trigger sync cable. However, you may need to insert the 2.5mm cable into the controller if necessary. As the slider makes its interval move, the camera shutter will be triggered.

Loop Mode

Another feature that the controller has is the Loop Mode.

To enter the loop mode, you have to place the left knob into the up or middle position. The screen will say Loop after.

Once set, you may use the right knob to set the speed and direction.

Whenever the slider "bumps" or hits anything, the camera will automatically reverse and go the other direction infinitely until the battery dies. So as soon as it hits the edge of the slider, it will move to the other end immediately.

If battery life is one of your concerns, an optional AC power supply is available. The built-in AA battery has an estimated run time of 3-5 hours depending on the settings.

Speed Control Mode

The last feature is the speed control mode.

Turn the Mode knob clockwise all the way to the bottom right. The screen will say Video Control. This way, you can control the speed of the motor and the direction using the right knob.

The speed setting has a rating of 0 - 100. The speed ranges from 2.3 inches per second to 58mm per second.

Unlike the Loop Mode, if the motor hits the end of the slider or any stop point, you need to manually stop the motor.

You may also check the complete overview video here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Overall I really like it, its smooth, it can disengage for manual slides, and it has multiple modes for different types of shots. Couple of minor complaints, the batteries are difficult to remove - I use a flat head screwdriver because I can't get my fingers in the very tight battery compartment - and you have to use a screw to close the battery cover which is likely to be dropped and lost. Also my cable is stuck on the control unit and I'm afraid to put any more pressure on it to remove it so I have to leave it attached. These are slight oversights that could have been designed better. Still its a great unit and it gets the job done.

Dogs of Design
creative director

We used the motor on a three day shoot for a training film. The Motor is amazingly smooth and at loop speed below 10 it reverses nicely. We ran it continuously for 14 hours one day with only one battery change. love the subtle motion with our 48" curved Pro Media Gear slider.

Derald Gross

Wow what can I say about PMG. I have purchased several PMG products and I can say that it is the best build quality on the market today. I have a closet full of sliders of lesser quality that delivered poor results. The camera flows on the PMG slider like butter in a hot frying pan. The motor and controller are incredible and move effortlessly on the rail with camera and heavy video head attached. I put my gear through a lot of use,in less than favorable conditions and Pro Media Gear is the only gear that I will trust to get those shots that I need. I rarely take time to write a review on any gear, however PMG gear is the best that I have used and if this helps others make a choice and not end up with their own closet full of substandard sliders or motors then my work is done. You truly will get the best results with Pro Media Gear. They have won me over as a loyal customer and I look forward to trying more of their products in the future.

David Zapatka
Dir of Photography

The PMG slider and controller is worth every penny. I've used many different sliders, motorized and manual, and out of the box this one is by far the easiest, fastest and best so far. Within 10 minutes of receiving the package I had it up and running. The next day, with a client looking over my shoulder, was the first test. Same deal--quick, efficient, game-changing. The curve of the 32" is perfect for keeping the subject in the frame, the motor is silent, the unit works the B cam by itself while I'm concentrating on the A cam. Buy this thing for yourself.


Great concept and motor. They just need to add parallax feature to this unit in the newer version.