BBGv2 Boomerang Flash Bracket for Cameras with Battery Grip

ProMediaGear BBGv2 Flash Bracket

    ProMediaGear BBGv2 Boomerang Flash Bracket Overview

    The ProMediaGear BBGv2 Boomerang Flash Bracket is made for DSLRs or mirrorless cameras with a battery grip. It is taller than regular flash brackets to accommodate the extra height.

    Additionally, this flash bracket features a unique design. You can easily rotate and adjust your flash for up to 90-degrees. Thus, you can shoot vertically without any problems. 

    What this bracket does is lift the flash higher. The flash is not mounted on the hot shoe. Instead, It is higher and movable. This makes it possible to change the flash direction easily.

    Moreover, the unobtrusive design makes it fun to use. Also, the smooth action of the maintenance-free bearings adds to the ease of usage.

    In addition, ProMediaGear has optimized this flash bracket for tall cameras. This includes the Canon 1DX, Nikon D5, and other DSLRs with a similar form. Plus, newer mirrorless cameras such as the Canon R5 or R6 fit this well as long as it has a battery grip installed.

    Finally, the unit quickly folds down and can easily be stored in your gear bag when not in use. It consists of 3 major assemblies

    •  Camera Mounting Plate (The Bracket Plate Universal or Custom)
    •  BBGv2 Boomerang Main Body Arc
    • Flash Rotation Arm

    Why choose the ProMediaGear flash brackets?

    ProMediaGear designed the boomerang flash bracket around the Arca-Compatible camera plate. The Boomerang even comes with the ProMediaGear PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate. But, there is also an option for a custom camera plate, if available.

    This flash bracket works with other ProMediaGear accessories. Leave the plate on and you can attach an L-bracket. Handles, Port protectors, and other adapters may also be attached to this bracket plate system. Also, it does not block the Arca-compatible base.

    Furthermore, the bracket plate system provides the ability to add other gear. Microphones, monitors, or even triggers fit the bracket easily.

    Full Specifications

    Whats Included:

    • BBGv2 Flash Bracket
    • Custom or universal plate selected by the customer. Please make sure to select the appropriate plate from the options above.
    • CS2 Cold Shoe
    • Allen wrench (it can be stored within the Boomerang arm and is always with you whenever you need it)
    • 5 year manufacturer's warranty

    What You Will Need:

    • Flash cord appropriate for your camera make and model
    • Canon Wireless trigger and flash (600EX, ST-E3-RT etc)
    • Nikon Wireless trigger and flash (Su-800, SB-910 etc)
    • Profoto B2, Elinchrom ETC type wireless trigger/head combo, use adapters #BLSA #BLS5A #BLS3 


    • Height: 9.7 inches (247 mm) adjustable
    • Width: 6.7 Inches (172 mm) with Plate
    • Depth: 5.1 Inches (130 mm)
    • Rotation  90°
    • Weight:  17.3 oz - 491 grams (15.1 oz - 427 grams without Plate)
    • Load Capacity: 5.0 lbs (2267 grams)
    • Mount Thread: 1/4-20 with 5/32 inch Hex Screw
    • Mounting Flash Base: Built-in Anti-Rotation Channel for Cord and Cold Shoe (Reverse Flat)

    Additional Information:

    • Left-Sided There is only one left-sided Bracket for the BBXL, it fits all camera types
    • Double-Sided There are two versions: BBX2J and BBG2J
    • BBGv2 model is designed for camera bodies with grip/battery packs. For example: Canon 1D series, or 5D, 6D, 7D etc, with optional Battery Pack/ Grip Nikon D5, D4 series, or D850, D810, D750, D7200 series with optional Battery Pack.
    • PROFOTO / Elinchrom customers, to make flash bracket compatible, please purchase #BLSA Profoto B2 adapter.      

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    June Difruscio (St. Catharines, CA)

    Excellent product

    Ronnie Supelana (Redwood City, US)
    Great Flash Bracket

    High quality. The best one. Highly recommended.

    Trent Wellott (Webster, US)
    Boomerang Flash Bracket

    Seems like the perfect solution for mounting off camera flash. Excellent design, smooth operation when switching from portrait to landscape, and impressive to look at. I have used the boomerang extensively without any issues. I can't imagine a better solution.

    Jack Carlson, Professional Photographer, Photography Instructor (Glenview, US)
    The Only Flash Bracket You'll Need

    From the packaging to the design and construction of the bracket, every detail is just as it should be. While this bracket requires more of an investment than many others, you will only buy it once. Elevating the external flash above the camera provides more lighting options and is certainly the best way to avoid the dreaded retinal bounce (aka red-eye). This bracket is the most reliable way to do that which is why I recommend it to all students in my photography classes.

    Walt's Photography
    Owner /operator

    OK, OK. I retired my RRS flash bracket it was just OK, however not even close to the engineering that ProMedia Gear brings to the table. It is quite apparent that this professionally designed equipment is nothing but top of the line (period). Absolutely completely engineered for the working photographer. I’m Sold on this fine photographic equipment that I feel has been designed for me personally. Again thanks to the brothers who have the passion to create this product. It make my life just a lot better, to be 100% confidant In your equipment.